When Sakura met the PG4

Seasoned collectors will be familiar with this doppelgänger: the Sakura Create TS-805. At a glance, the color and silhouette are a dead ringer for Pentel’s Graph Pencil PG4, especially the green lead degree window.

What’s different? Besides the more standard 0.5mm lead width, the Sakura is part of the Create line, ie it has a pipe slide tip. I did not manage to secure a boxed example but pictures online show the package. ones with a spare tip.

The grip is also different: PG4 sports concentric grooves while the Sakura’s are aligned axially to the body.

Moving to the body, the Sakura is 8-sided while the PG4 has its characteristic 12-sided profile.

Lastly, the PG4 has the no-eraser, screw-down finial that prevents the black button from accidentally coming off. Sakura uses a conventional button over eraser design.

Any particular benefit to the Sakura over the PG4? I suppose the Create series’ claim of ‘1 click writes over 800 characters’ could be a selling point? But in honesty, I just like having them side by side for the fun of it.


OMG never seen this sakura befoe


Very nice pair!

To those of you who have and use a Pentel PG4: how is the experience? I have with me a PG2 (which I love) and a recent version of the PG5 (which, very weirdly, I find somewhat less appealing and effective), and before starting chasing a PG4, I’d like to have some feedback from actual users.

PS: 0.4 is a great lead diameter in my opinion; one of the MP’s I enjoy the most is a Pentel Graph 100 “for pro” in 0.4 (PG 1004), and it works like a charm; I’ve also tried a GraphGear 1000 (PG1014), great item which I find vaguely off-balance (plus, I unfortunately hate pocket clips), an Ohto Promecha SP-504P (very light and precise; maybe too lightweight), and finally an Ohto Promecha OP-1004P, with which I have a problematic relationship in view of the combination of twist-retraction tip, wild tapering between front and rear, and bulkiness of the grip section.


The PG2 is the only one with the orenz-like mechanism (well, the PG2 came first but you know what I mean). The PMG (the “PG3” although it doesn’t go by that name) has the gimmick of a protective cap, that can be removed from the back and used to protect the lead sleeve. The PG4, PG5 and PG7 are all similar, only the lead diameter changes.


Hey can you expand on that? Does this mean it has a sliding guide pipe and the others do not?

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That’s right. The PG2 is a pipe slide design, but I’d say it’s more like half-slide? It doesn’t go all the way in.


Thanks :pray:

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They are rare… a while ago there was a wave of them at auctions (I didn’t win one of them).


Between the PG1000 Graph For Pro 0.4 and PG4, I prefer the PG4.

Somehow, even though the design of the PG1000 is pretty nice, I have one main issue that cannot be resolved: the metal used for the grip shroud FEELS pretty thin (I believe it is aluminum, based on the uncoated version’s appearance and lightness) and the black coating wears out easily.

PG4 just feels more purpose built. I like that it doesn’t even pretend that a mini eraser makes sense. If you’re a professional, use a proper eraser.


Perhaps one of those majestic electric erasers from the golden era of drafting supplies, one with proper cord and unbreakable rotor, plus an erasing shield to surgically get rid of just the right amount of lines and details. :smiley:

Thanks @drifand for the tip.

@RPD I agree that the sliding pipe adds to the charm of the PG2, but maybe it is the overall metal cone in the PG2 which looks and feels “better”; I reckon that the PG4 cone structure is the same as the one in the PG5, but your opinions enhanced my need to get a PG4, even if just to give it a try…


If you like having a metal cone on the back, then definitely go for a PMG since the cone is made of actual metal, not just painted plastic. Personally I like (and have) all except for the PG7 since I don’t understand why I’d want a 0.7 drafting pencil.