What's on your desk right now?

Currently on my desk:

(Left to Right)

Flex Fit GT — A cool, soft writing instrument that I get immense pleasure from, I’ve been using it for years as a primary pencil

OHTO Horizon — Got it in the mail today, brand spanking new. It’s not a perfect pencil because the tip wiggles too much and sometimes it doesn’t feel high-grade, but it’s growing on me for all the other reasons. I like honest pencils.

Montblanc M — Not showing off, I use it a lot because it’s the only pen that seems immune to Polar Brown’s Noodler’s Ink and I have to fill it with that ink needle on the right which is always a nice procedure. (Yes, that’s not for drugs, people! I never could handle them, i’d be the most terrible junkie in the world, I would die right off. Plenty of wine is just fine). The M is also the only pen, apart from a certain Ancora pen which comes with a superior hand-crafted nib, that gives me my true hand-writing right away. “True hand-writing” might be a shady concept, but if you are a left-handed person like me you’ll know I mean that hand-writing we wish we had all the time.

Scott b/2 — Dang, this is the 2mm pencil I really use all the time for everything.

Pilot Frixion — that’s the best looking streamline BP I’ve used in a while but I wish there was a broader refill and I also wish the ink was really black. This is the second iteration that was specifically made to be “more black” but it’s not black enough in my op. Even so, it’s a stellar looking piece.

TWSBI Go — I was stupid enough to sell my Micarta, so I’ve been trying to compensate for it ever since (it wasn’t really about being stupid… I was flat broke with many bills ahead and I knew that selling my Micarta v2 would bring me a significant amount of money :cry:). That said, the Go is actually a pretty well made pen with a great nib that is fun to use. Somehow it concentrates the charm of FP’ing with the procedure of filling it up with a needle, like I do with the M.

Aurora Ottantotto Nera — This is my most cherished FP, I even sent it back to Aurora to have the nib adjusted for my LH, which turned half all right. It is always with me, I use it whenever I decide to give rest to the other pens, mainly with tested inks (that is, the ones I know that are easy to rinse).

Have a nice weekend!


Druckbleistift Messing 0,5 mm


The brass Manu! Darkly getting better as time passes


This grape. :grapes: :purple_heart:


monami D-153 0.7 Korea


The Alvin Scott B/2… Is it like a clone of the rOtring PS2?


Model 9


Ah, they very similar but not exactly clones. It is made in Italy and I believe it has a clone in the UK/Europe and another in the US.

Full name is Alvin “Scott B/2”. Not sure if Alvin is American or British.

What desk? :joy:




  1. Pilot S15/0.4 with Pilot Neox Graphite 2B
  2. Mitsubishi uni B (old version, without barcode and with JIS mark) with YARN pencil extender (Japanese oak, brass) and M+R Pollux
  3. Pentel P203 with P209 barrel (labelling removed) with Pilot Neox Graphite 2B

I’m guessing you preferred 0.3 to be ‘yellow’? :slight_smile:

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@drifand No, not necessarily – I just like matching colours :grinning:

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I’m still feeling the holiday spirit.


Lancelot 5’s?

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I know those as the Lancelot Nano. :thinking:

Never heard that name applied to it.

right now


Mid-week switch up… added a wood bodied AG Spalding & Bros ballpoint to my all conquering metal trio.


Just in: an unbranded vintage pencil from France

I find it truly beautiful when an anonymous piece has this sort of refinement on top of its simplicity.

(Aye, needs a wee jawp of wd-40)