What do you wear on your feet when at home?

I can’t stand cheap flip-flops. After having a number of them, I decided to get serious and check out all of the offerings to see what I could find to my liking in the $40~80 range.

Teva makes great sandals. I have a couple of them, still going strong for many years. They also have a variety of flip-flops. One I zeroed in on is the Pajaro.

Really nicely made. A rugged, hiking shoe like tread. Comfortable foot-bed and strap. These are great for the beach, but also home wear. I had one pair for 8+ years before they fell apart (and that was because I’d been exposing them to salt water every summer, and not being mindful to thoroughly rinse them). They come in a variety of colors. List price is $60 USD, but I’ve gotten them as cheap as $32 on sale.

An even higher quality sandal brand is OLUKAI, from Hawaii. They have the best foot-beds I’ve ever seen on a flip-flop. I picked up a pair of the Ohana model. Whoa, are they pricey. $75 retail. I managed to get a pair for $49, which were open-box “tried on once”. They are amazing. I’m not that crazy about the tread, because it’s easy for debris to get caught in the asymmetrical pattern (the smaller “Cheerios”). Also, I’ve seen photos of them worn after several beach seasons and the foot-bed can start to separate. This pair I have is dedicated for in-home wear and they work great for that.


I recently bought these. They’re from a spanish brand called hot potatoes, and they’re made of mostly recycled materials. 40€. Good for winter

When it’s hotter I usually have some cheap flipflops or, preferably, nothing. I like the feeling of walking without shoes


Birks of course!


Warm months: Chacos, Tevas
Colder months: Birk clogs, Vans slipons. (checkered)

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Now you’re just showing off. :joy:


Now we have a clear winner, altho this wasn’t a competition :trophy:


socks if i came from outside nothing otherwise


And for the really chilly times, you have to put on some gloves!