What do these markings mean?

Hello all!

I’m opening some packages and came across something that I am not sure what it means. Here is a photo of a set of yellow Gomdale 300s:

The markings are different for each. The pencil on the far right has a “4J” near the eraser, the pencil in the center has a “7A” in the same spot, and the pencil on the left is without this two character code. Anyone able to help me decipher?

Thanks so much! -Erskine


I believe the 4J was manufactured in October 1994 or 2004, and the 7A probably in January 1997.

The one without the marking may be marked on the reservoir on the inside.

All of this comes from the number being the last digit of the year, and the letter is A to L representing January to December.

As far as I have bene able to determine, the QE305 Gomdale were manufactured between 1988 and the early 2000’s, and thus my guesses for the dates.


This is the date code that is currently in use, and has been primarily since the mid to late-80’s, although there is an example of it’s use back in the late-70’s (I believe).

The earlier date code was stamped (usually on the inner reservoice) with yymmdd, although sometimes the leading y was left off. This code was in use between December 1975 and the mid to late-80’s.


There is an article about this in the back of the Pentel ID Book.


Thanks so much! Appreciate the explanation!