What are the 5 most influential MPs of all time?

I’ll offer mine:

  • Pentel 5 — the archetypal expression of the executive pencil
  • Pentel Kerry — capped MPs? Say no more, fam
  • Pentel Mechanica — started the hi mecha craze
  • Pilot H-1505 — established the stainless steel + etching motif
  • Koh-i-Noor Rapidomatic 5640 — most influential drafting pencil design of all time

Pardon me sir but do you mean S55??

No idea what that is. All my Japanese friends call it the Deluxe :woman_shrugging:t5:

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Difficult to say … None of your list had a significant market volume here (to say the least).
Rotring Tikky, Staedtler Mars Micrograph, Faber Castell TK9x00 holder are typical at Germany. I leave out RR600 because of the KIN at your list, but KIN Rapidomatics were not sold here (and I still miss any of them in my collection due to zero availability here).

I agree with Mechanica and H1505.


I would have to put the Pentel P200 in there, just based on all the copies by various companies.


I totally dropped the ball here. The P200 must appear on any list like this. I’d take either the H-1505 or Kerry out and replace it with the P200.

(I just hate the P200 and never think about it.)

It’s wild that Pentel takes up 3 or 4 out of 5 slots, but I certainly consider them the pace-setters for nearly every aspect of mechanical pencils.

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Parker Duofold - confirmed the fact that “ordinary” people would pay serious money for an MP.
The original Sharp and Eversharp pencils - the first MP for the masses.

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I’d only argue that for the KIN Rapidomatic, the original plastic bodied 563x series were more influential than the metal bodied 5640 that came after.

I’d nominate the Faber-Castell TK-matic L for being, arguably, the first automatic-feed MP, an innovative design that showed the way for the Technomatic, Micromatic, Orenznero etc.

Also the humble Uni Kurutoga for setting off the modern era of innovation in lead protection systems. No KT probably would have meant no DelGuard, Mogulair, etc.

Alternatively, we can consider the SAKURA and TOMBOW CREATE… the first sliding pipe designs, whose concept lives on today in the standard Orenz.

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I would have loved this alternate reality :grin:

I don’t know which is the 1st automatic pencil, but FC claims it for DS75 and Pilot for Automace.

I thought about nominating FC DS75 for this reason, but considered it to be too unknown.


Yes, I am afraid this ugly and boring piece must be on the list :wink:

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