Welcome to Knockology.com

Welcome to Knockology.com

Knockology was created in 2021 as a small and private group for mechanical pencil collectors. Knockology has been used as a discussion platform and gathering place for some of the best and well known mechanical pencil collectors.

In its first year, Knockology was a gated community where all discussions and gatherings were done on a private network. Behind the scenes from the subreddits and popular blogs well known collectors gathered for deeper conversations, purchasing coordination, buying and trading, research projects, etc.

We have decided to move Knockology over to a public forum and open our doors for all to join. :wave:

It’s going to take a bit of time to populate this forum but I encourage all new users, and the original Knockology members, to post their collections and questions on this forum and use the marketplace to buy-sell-trade.

Welcome to Knockology 2.0. We’re glad you’re here.