Vouch Request for @Knockologist

Hi everyone,

I’m aiming to become a Trusted Member and I need your vouches. If we’ve had a good transaction, please post a simple vouch below.

How to Vouch:
Just write a quick reply saying:

  • “Successful sale with @Knockologist .” if you sold something to me.
  • “Successful purchase from @Knockologist .” if you bought something from me.

If you’d like to go into details, great. If not, no worries.

I need 3 vouches to earn the badge. Your simple vouch will go a long way!

Thank you for your trust and support!


Successful purchase from @Knockologist

I’ve purchased several pencils from the Knockologist. Each arrived fast, well packaged and exactly as described. Not to mention great prices :+1:

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Successful purchase from @Knockologist. Simple transaction, securely packed. 10/10 would buy from again.

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Nothing but successful purchases from @Knockologist.

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Thank you, fellas.

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Successful purchase from @Knockologist, as a buyer proxy. 10/10!

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I have purchased from And Sold to @Knockologist with great results.

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