Visited my local Kinokuniya

Sorry for the poor photo – those “white ice cube trays” are reflections of the overhead lights.
They had 5 KT Dive’s there, one with the cardboard box lid lifted over. Aurora purple. Nice color. They were moderately busy and very light on staff, so I couldn’t get anyone to assist. The Dives sat inside a locked case. Curiously enough, a Platinum Pro-Use 171 Black was inside. $34.95. I bought mine NIB for $20 shipped off of eBay. Over in the pencil aisle they had metal Uni lead containers. $29.95 each. The “Midnight Blue” limited edition slots were all empty. The store has a real thing for LAMY. There’s a rotating free standing display nearly 7 feet tall. 4 sides, all stacked with LAMY Safari pens and pencils. Overpriced, IMHO. Rollerballs at $39.95. Pencils at $26.95. On top of the locked case, they had 2 sets of LAMY Pico pens, one black and the other a satin finish white that looked really nice. $49. For a Pico? :crazy_face: They had a couple of PILOT Vanishing Point fountain pens. One was matte black, for $239.95. You can get that same one at Jet Pens for $168. The wood one didn’t even have a price tag on it, but I’ll bet it’s even more costly. You can grab those off eBay sellers for $182.

Anyway, I plan to swing back on a better day and see if I can actually get to test drive a Dive. Or at least just hold it. If it’s going to be very light… I’m probably going to pass and just wait longer until prices are more reasonable.


How much were the Dives ?

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I was told they are $73 USD. Of course, a much better price than what Uniball Co was asking on their site ($99 USD).

There were some listings on Mercari at times where you could get an orange Kuru Toga Dive just “lightly tested” without box for ¥6000. And then the new Aurora purple edition comes out and all of the other colors have suddenly spiked up in price. Most ranging from ¥8,000 to ¥10,000. It has been like that for over a month… not much sign of them easing back. The purple ones are tending to sell higher, over ¥10,500.

Just checked again and a Abyss Blue model sold for ¥7499- (about $50 USD). So it does look like there’s a little bit of inching down on prices.


I’m still feeling lucky that I got my orange and blue one for $40 each.

Edit but then again, I was checking that damn website like every 30 minutes for a few weeks lol


Yeah that was smart. I’d missed out on the notification… wasn’t but a day later when they’d all sold out at that price. You were lucky! Probably should have sold them at the peak when people were paying $150 for them.


Then he’d be considered a scalper and you’d all burn him at the stake. :joy:


I believe that’s the color and price for mine in bow/new a couple of months ago on mercari. I’m still blown away you can’t knock with the cap on and that the cap rotates easily when attached to the back. Those to issues remedied would allow me to praise the pencil as much as everyone else does.

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Actually, there’s no need to have a click-through on the cap. It’s an automatic feed pencil. And it won’t feed more than is necessary. I don’t think it has an auto-reload for the next stick of lead, so you’d have to take the cap off, but that’s not a frequent requirement. As for the cap spinning? It does. But it’s not so loose that it would spin on it’s own. And in fact, if you decide to rotate the pencil in your hand, the cap moves with you, so you don’t feel the clip protrude into your skin.

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The real technical accomplishment is automatic lead advancement without the metal sleeve EVER touching the writing surface. This is the best feeling auto MP I have ever used… coming from a non-fan of the Kurutoga series.


All valid points. I was just. Expressing how it would be ideal in my eyes.