Vintage fountain pens

Pelikan 100 (1937)
Pilot Elite (1971)
Parker 51 (1951)


In your experience what’s that best performer here?

Well… Those three pens have different nib sizes, so it’s not appropriate to compare them directly.

Pelikan 100 - F nib
Pilot Elite - EF nib (even made in japan)
Parker 51 - F nib

Pelikan 100 was the most fun to write about because it’s a soft nip.
Parker 51 was more of an all-around product that I could use anywhere.
Pilot Elite has a thin nip and is more portable.
Each has its own appeal, but for me, the Pelikan is my favorite.
It feels similar to a dip pen when using it.


The Pelikan is a bit of a legend. The 100 had many variants. The tortoise shell pattern celluloid ones are supremely attractive. But the price… they’ve gone up tremendously! Some people have boosted their pen restoration income by becoming experts on restoring those old Pelikan fountain pens.

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Mine is also one that I restored myself. Finding an intact vintage piece is harder than the lotto lol

Here is some restoration process.

(Removed the gold ring on the cap.)

(The cork in the piston filler has completely dried out and is replaced with a rubber ring.)

(with sakura PenTouch gold pen, restored the engraving and gold ring.)

I looked up some documentation, compared it to my pen, and realized it was from 1937.
Now that I have the 100, I’m looking at a lot of vintage fountain pens like the 100N 400NN, etc.