Very rare pilot pencils for sale

Pilot Grandee Chain 0.5 MP for sale
It is twist retract but unlike grandee priere, after twist, it is not a knock and you need to twist again.
I am not aure about the price but I would say, above 200usd would be a correct price. I also accept trading.

Also pilot’s very first mechanical pencil for sale
I would say this is from 1955 or before. Not sure about the price but maybe above 75usd would be correct price. Also accept trading.


Grandee chain is amazing!

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I think it is very rare and cool, but not very popular.

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I normally don’t like twist mechanisms, but I have two vintage PILOT Grandee pencils that the twist mechanism is very smooth. Nicely done. And it should, for the original purchase price! I’ve seen them priced at ¥5,000, ¥10,000, ¥20,000, and even ¥25,000 (haven’t seen ¥30,000).

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