Unknown Tombow leadholder

I have a Tombow MONO 2 mm leadholder I know nothing about.

Does anyone have some details?


I’ve had a few and always called them Mono 2mm for lack of better info.

It has the same or similar grip sections to the H-300M from 1970 (I’ve had both with the same grip, maybe they were interchangeable…), but it’s clearly more modern than the H-300 so I believe it can be dated somewhere between 1970 and the Monotech 2.0mm which was referenced as SH-500MC (from the mid 80s? the newer ¥1000 Monotech models were produced from 1990 onwards to around 1995…).

Also, the clip on that Mono points to the late 70s… So if I had to guess I’d probably say somewhere between the mid and late 70s.

You can still find specimens with the original sticker and the stickers read: Tombow / (logo) / ¥400.

Edit: it’s a great 2mm! with a soft warm plastic body and the metal nose putting all the weight in the front. (I usually find good plastics far superior to metal when it comes to actually using the pencils)


Thank you for these details!

Yes! I think so too. I’d love to see custom barrels (e. g. for the P200) made from high-grade plastics or even early synthetic materials. I have two pencil extenders made from cellulose acetate and ebonite, and these are excellent to touch.