Unknown Pilot Double Knock Variant

Years ago I saw this model on Twitter, some people said it’s Korea Pilot, and for a long time I just simply note down that. But when I re-watched it recently I realized actually I can’t find any exact clue that indicates where it comes from.

That image came from an auction and luckily I find the record. It was in Nov 2019, the final price was 90k yen. I checked the seller’s description, he did not mention any other valuable information.

So what’s your idea? I feel like it’s more of a Japan model, maybe a sample or prototype, although there are some weird details can’t match up with normal ones.


was it shown by cuirassier (X or naver blog)? he/she is korean afaik and often shows korea pencils …

I don’t remember there’s any version of H-200x has such up and down format inscription
This tiny spring? Never seen

You can also take a look at its back end metal ring, clip and hardness window (Korea model doesn’t have this)

As for the front and back end of the grip that differ from normal ones, it can be understood as part of the customized pattern.

The seller didn’t show us the back of the grip, I wonder if there’s a ‘JAPAN’ on it

No, the picture I saw on Twitter is the same as here but in lower resolution. I know cuirassier has posted the real one https://twitter.com/cuirassier_/status/1192198764200484864?t=ukB7yOF7w2stDcx0sSBGNg&s=19

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My suspicion is that this is a one-off. A custom job.

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Here’s another very rare pattern ever seen. I think this may have been a one-off as well.


A lot of the details on this thing are super suspect. Feels like an enthusiast did this in a machine shop.