Unknown Files: aluminum BP & MP set

Picked this up earlier this year and only just put it into rotation. The draw for me was purely aesthetic: clean all metal construction with a nifty bellows sleeve under the domed button.

BUT! This set also illustrates my pet peeve: manufacturers who make pen and pencils sets with identical designs.

Here they are with writing points deployed. Yes, the BP has a slightly wider opening, but at a glance, you won’t be able to pick out which is which.

Kudos to the manufacturer (whomever it might be) for specifying an original pencil mechanism instead of a Schmidt, especially given the fact that the BP uses a standard Parker style refill.

Here, I paired the BP up with my Parafernalia Linea lead holder in palladium finish.

A closer look at the domed buttons and bellows sleeve.

If anyone has more information about this set, please share! :pray:t2:


No clue what it is but I LOVE that pencil!

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