UNFORTUNATELY: Mono graph fine deteriorating quicker than anticipated

Here are some pictures of my Mongraph Fine with almost Zero use, only being in my satchel some (maybe a week or two), freely, but contained in a small, smooth pocket.

As you can see the brass is already showing, due to virtually ZERO stress on my part. I’ve wanted this pencil to be the new BEE’s KNEES of M.P. Design, unfortunately I’m now hoping it looks as good in its natural Brass as it does with Tombow “signature Jesus rubber/plastic”…


Ouch! Mine have been in storage since the initial rotation. I don’t baby these either…

Strangely enough, the black version has been continuously sold out in Japan. I saw several posts lamenting the short supply, with pictures of the retail display showing no black versions left. I wonder if QC took a hit in the ramp up?

In any case, I actually like the silver better, but yeah, I’d better check on them.

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I purchased this maybe a month after release(?)

No way it should be showing any wear… At least I’d hoped.

Had a similar disappointment with a Rotring 800+… Couple of days later (literally 2 or 3 days) the black coating started to wear off. Less than 6 months later it was completely gone.

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The Rotring 800(series) is one of the most disappointing pencils I’ve eventually attained…

Compared to the 600…Newton….hell, even the 500.

The only reason I do not regret purchasing the 800….

it allowed me to see how much more it’s predecessors delivered a MUCH higher product……

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The black 800 definitely wears, though mine took months of daily use before it even became noticable. It’s a good thing I like brass anyway.

Most likely the black Flat-C is the same — that’s why I avoid using it like an EDC.