Unboxing Japan delivery

I got an encore from Yamauchiya – some Japanese sweets:

The pills probably help to develop those Japlish slogans on some pencils :smiley:
I am wondering, if the green liquid should be frozen and eaten like an ice, or if I should drink it? And is the octopus thing really octopus :open_mouth: ?


I’m wondering if any of it should be eaten… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Says the guy who once sent me the same sweets he got from Yama.

I fed it to my kid, dude.


Kids have so much plastic in them these days, they’ll be fine.


I guess that’s better than the lead paint we ate.


Octopus? I’m wondering if the bottom one has real squirrel.


The squirrel food are chewing gums, but the octopus is octopus :octopus: with kind of vinaigrette marinade. The pills are small smarties (don’t know if this is internationally known) and the cherry things can really be picked with the small included stick.


I opened my Buyee package last night. This is the seventh package I have done through them.

I got to one of the packages I was really looking forward to, but when I picked it up, it was way too light. What was supposed to be a Pentel PN3015 Technomatic turned out to be 2 pieces of bubble wrap.

I have filed a complaint with Buyee and asked for a refund, and just sent them pictures of the package.

It would be annoying with any pencil missing, but for the most expensive pencil in my package, that is more than annoying, as I had gotten a (relatively) decent price.


OMG pain :confounded:

I’m really sorry to hear this—I hate when this kinda thing happens in my shipments.

First pencil I have purchased that ever was missing.

I have had a “bonus” pencil that the seller threw in, go missing, but I got what I was after, and I don’t remember which proxy that was.


I got a reply from Buyee:
"We are sorry to hear that there is a problem with the package【W2309199452】(M23081900331) you received.

We will investigate each case according to the plan the customer chose for the item.

We have confirmed that you applied for [Lite Plan] when purchasing your item.
Items that are purchased with [Lite Plan] are not eligible for compensation, even if the item is different from the seller’s page, been damaged, or been undelivered during international shipment. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any complaints or requests for a refund.

We apologize that we are unable to help with this matter.
We sincerely suggest you apply for [Standard Plan] when you order or bid on items in the future, so that we are able to help you with cases like this.

Thank you for your kind understanding."

So, basically, you have to pay them not to steal your product.


Damn! That’s what I was afraid of from beginning (but luckily I never had any issues) … this level of indirectness and remoteness leaves no possibilities to interact in such cases.

This is unfortunate but I gotta say that I’d kinda be upset if I had been paying the extra fee for inspection to only find out that the lite plan would have covered it this whole time.


Well, I don’t expect them to inspect the pencil or anything, but at least put it in the package, which I am paying for (the ¥300 Buyee Service Fee).


Ahh I see your point. They just put in bubble wrap.

This could be employee theft for all we know…

Yes. A sealed envelope of bubble wrap.

Yes, but because I didn’t pay them to inspect the incoming item, I cannot expect them to refund me for employee neglect/theft.

It should have felt empty to them.

After all of these years of buying through them, I’ve never paid for the inspection. I always took the gamble and have never had a problem.

Seems like the good ole days are over. Prices are out of this world, import taxes are becoming more of a pain, and now we need to pay the extra for inspections if we want to up our chances for success.


This is the only thing keeping us in the game.