Transparent P200

There are so many variants of the P200 but – as far as I know – not a complete transparent one. Why not make one yourself?

We need:

  • a P200 (without the barrel)
  • a cheap P200 knockoff with transparent barrel, e. g. these from AliExpress (barrel only)
  • a transparent plastic tube, inner ⌀ 4 mm, outer ⌀ 5 mm, length about 105 mm
  • the usual stuff (superglue, knife, adhesive tape etc.)

This is how it’s done:

  1. Disassemble the P200 and the knockoff.
  2. Cut off the black inner tube at the step (about 4 mm above the spring).
  3. Put a bit of superglue on the remaining black part and attach the transparent tube.
  4. Wrap adhesive tape around the other end of the transparent tube so that the cap is firmly in place.
  5. Assemble everything except the eraser (it won’t fit anymore).
  6. Enjoy!

However, I’m afraid that the transparent P200 won’t stay beautiful for long as the leads will rub off and the tube will get dirty.

And of course it’s not a real P200 :smirk:


I love clear pencils!

Pentel did have an all clear/transparent P200 body with the Disney and Popeye releases.

Here’s my “Frankenstein”


Oh! I didn’t know that.

Great! Of course it looks better with an original Pentel barrel.