Toyooka Craft Pen Box

Hi! Long time no see. Since moving back from Japan I haven’t bought many pencils and thus I don’t post as often, but I keep lurking :eyes:

In any case, I had the opportunity to attend to the Madrid Pen Show, where I saw for the first time the products from Toyooka Craft. Despite being a Japanese craftsman group, their sales seem to be mostly to overseas customers. It was nice chatting with them. They explained to me how they cut the wood so that the wood expansion is carefully taken into account, how the joinery has no nails etc. Indeed the finishing is very nice.

Toyooka Craft products are quite popular in r/fountainpens but I have never seen anyone here use them (probably because they don’t fit massive collections). For me it’s perfect: It looks great on my desk and I can access my favourite pens and pencils whenever I want!

There are more sizes and shapes. Depending on the size, the price varies. This has 10 slots per drawer, so 40 in total. At a price of 280€ for the full piece, you could say it costs me 7€ to store each pen! What a deal! Hahaha

The misc MP drawer

The Pilot MP drawer

The Pilot pen drawer

The “back in the day, we didn’t have phones! Heck we didn’t even have TV! Nor penicillin! Only wheels and fire” drawer

In any case, for someone who likes to rotate through many pencils it’s not a good option, but for someone who has a relatively compact collection and has the money to spare, it’s a cool piece!


The workmanship looks excellent. It’s a bit too glossy for my taste but it’s undoubtedly high quality and will probably outlive us all.

Oh, the pencils are nice too :drooling_face:


Wow, what a wonderful job. I’ve been looking for one like this to buy, but the ones I found have a glass on top, so I don’t want to leave the pencils receiving sun light.


Absolutely gorgeous!

I also really like this guy’s work.

@pearsonified needs to stop being a cheapskate with that Home Depot toolbox and get one of these…


Italian Furniture made by hand in wood and velvet ideal for holding collectible fountain or ballpoint pens

Hey, don’t exclude us!

I don’t like how, on those, the pen trays are so deep. Before using the Toyooka Craft one I thought that was better so that pens wouldn’t roll from one slot to the other, but actually very shallow slots are enough and result in a much cleaner and stylish look.

The huge ones are actually quite reasonably priced for the effort they require to make :laughing:


Would love to have one of these things. Problem is, I have no easy way to get any of this crap to my house. (Flat files have ridiculous dimensions, and I don’t have a truck.)

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He’ll ship to you