Took a chance on a cutter

¥5,000 for a new one… Didn’t really want to chance it being a lemon. Found a used one for ¥1,000. Looks like a pretty neat design, even if it challenges ergonomics a bit. Anyone here have one? It’s a Craft Design Technology produced scissors.


You were unsatisfied with the market for vintage Pilots and decided to collect scissors?!

Jokes aside, my father owns the black version but he hates it as scissors, they look extremely cool but suck at actually cutting anything.


I’ve seen them in stores and always thought that they looked super cool. I wonder what’s the original manufacturer, we know that CDT doesn’t really produce much themselves (at least the pens are all OEM).
From my limited knowledge on things that cut things (knives etc), the points people look for are:


It was a chance find. Was searching on CDT to see what they’ve made and found the scissors. I actually have 5 pairs of scissors, in different sizes. My go-to for office stuff is Mundial. They’re the ones with that iconic red plastic cover over the pivot screw. I’ve had this one pair for over 25 years and it’s still going strong. Never had to sharpen them. My favorite is made by Cutco, the model 77 Super Shears. Best scissors ever made, IMHO.


Yeah, the design looks super. I did read mixed reviews… some complaining about ergonomics, while others say they work just fine. I guess it all depends upon the size of your hands / fingers.

FWIW, I think any pair of scissors can be honed. Most of the time that’s all that’s needed unless it was abused with damage to the edging, requiring sharpening (to remove metal).

Given all of your requirements, I strongly urge you to look into the Cutco model 77 Super Shears. They tick all of the boxes. They’re made so well, they can easily last a lifetime and be passed down to the next generation.


those points sounds like for professional usage :wink:

for home usage the most important point is for me, that my thumb fits in the according hole. that seems basic (and my fingers are not sausage-like), but often fails.


Raise your hand if you’re a sad leftie. :raising_hand_man:

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Scissors, eh?


7Eleven Japan x Philippe STARCK


Thanks – didn’t know these were made, Kelvin. The Tombow looks a bit weird to my eye, but the Philippe STARCK looks really cool, almost like high-tech salon shears.

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You must try bonsai cutter and scissors.


I have one of these. Easily the nicest pair of scissors I’ve ever owned.