Tombow SH-1000 AV-05

Has anyone seen the SH-1000 AV-05 in any catalogs? I’m trying to find out how old this one is.


This looks like a Tombow AUDEE ‘steel’ model, same rubber grip but no ‘AUDEE’ markings and the clip is changed from black to silver. AUDEE brand launched in 1978. so maybe this was the repurposed product when the brand didn’t take off.


I just saw a listing on Mercari with two of these pieces—I was like, “where is the AUDEE?”

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when you get time can you post a link?

I had closed my browser session and didn’t leave that particular item open. I just went through a bunch of pages on Mercari and was unable to find it :unamused:

I’m certain you can find it if you sort by Newest and then go through everything that’s been posted in the last 24 hours (should be about 6-7 pages of listings if you are showing the maximum number of listings per page).

Update: Here it is; it sold :pensive:

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thanks - I think that is the same seller I bought mine from:

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It also reminds me of one variant of the Ohto Gripper, such as

Same provenance?


Interesting. I have a dozen or so of this Tombow but with gold accents: gold knob, clip, tip and middle ring. Sticker price is 1600Y (it was an impulse buy looong ago, which was quite a flop, because most of them were junk due to bent tips).


I believe it’s the same as the Tombow Shinei — which I understand now seems to be a deluxe variant of the SH-1000 AV-05 you have. It was tagged ¥1600.