Tombow 1980 Catalog (partial)

I was curious about the SH-1x00LP family, so I reached out to Tombow Japan. The two files attached are what they sent. It’s a scan from the Tombow 1980 catalog and brochure (that we have seen previously). No date confirmation on the brochure.

Not sure why the SH-300LX images are redacted. I am also not sure if they answered my question though – I has asked when they were released. Should I assume that if they sent a 1980 catalog image, I have my answer?


Can you share the email address for enquiry Tombow and PILOT, thanks a lot!!!

Sorry - do not have Pilot. For Tombow I went to the Tombow Japan web site and just filled out the “contact us” form. The info was sent from a “do not reply” address.


WOW, I was having a related doubt/question last weekend and I almost sent them an email (and I forgot)

The guess that I had was, from my market researches in the past year, the SH1500LP with silver ring only available in 0.3mm and with the black ring only available in 0.5mm. I tried to find any counterexample but none existed. So your scan page actually proved my guess is right! They are the same thing! The silver one is 0.3mm only and the other one is 0.5mm only! The silver one is no SH2000LP, SH2500LP, or SH3000LP that people rumored for years. Thank you !


The SH-1500LP-05 looks like a veeery nice and veeery interesting pencil, tip-heavy enough to feel amazing in the hand, slim like an arrow, and yet not at all insubstantial.

One day, one day, I’ll find one to test — hopefully, one a bit cheaper than those currently on the market.

Does anybody here can report on how it differs from, say, a Uchida Drawing Sharp KN, which looks like a close relative?

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I think we need a bit of context to compare the Tombow to Uchida KN.

For Uchida, they were transitioning from the peak of their twist technology and craftsmanship in the E series, over to the new push button trend. As such I felt the KNs were a bit ‘hollow’ sounding when I click to advance the lead. This is also true for the knock-type S series with the chunky black grips. The exception for me was the KN 0.3, which sported a different silver/black styling.

Conversely, Tombow had been progressively upping their game with each successive knock-type drafting pencil. SH-500, 500LX, 500LG, 700, 1000… Thus, the 1500 felt like it was peaking, right next to the 1500 Variable. The clicking felt sure and precise. And not ‘hollow’.