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•••. The FIXPENCIL::
After purchasing, I realized the seller’s title was somewhat vague regarding what I was ACTUALLY purchasing. I was scared I was only buying the ERASER after double checking their title…. Fortunately, that was not the case…. It is a great pencil. It has only cost me 46$…. AND it has been WELL worth every penny…. Sturdy, well weighted, not lacking in any department OTHER than length. Why it is an inch shorter than most other pencils? Not sure, but I’d LOVE this pencil of it was just a bit longer…. Then again…. I’m in NO way anticipating it being an issue. This pencil’s length MAY completely be appropriate in every way? I might discover I actually prefer this length instead of the traditional length I’ve grown accustomed too. I’m ALWAYS open perspectives that are Not mine Or those that I am not accustomed to :grin::+1:////:pray::sunglasses:.

More to come…

••••••Pilot Trusty 0.4mm: I had zero clue why this pencil was always referenced/appreciated given its appearance. It is aesthetically unremarkable in every way. I figured I would get one just in case….

This pencil feels like an extension of my body. It’s enjoyable to hold, lightweight but not dinky/cheap. I honestly couldn’t believe how perfect it turned out to be. I have never held something so …. IT….

I HIGHLY recommend.


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Whoops haha, thanks for pointing that out to me :smiley:

0.4 Trusty :+1:t2:

Nice CdA FP 0.5mm!

Thank you… initially being scared I was an idiot who paid 45$ for the ERASER ONLY was a terrific fair assuaged haha. There has been one on Mercari for a year now, seemingly same design for 240$ ish(?). I know so little about them I’m not sure if I found a “diamond in the rough” or that seller believes they -incorrectly- OWN a ‘diamond’…

Any info yourself, or ANYONE for that matter could share about the FIXPENCIL brand would be quite welcome :smiley:

Greetings! Since you asked… To begin with, “Fixpencil” is not a brand, or at least I’d not consider it an entire brand, as the manufacturing company for all Fixpencils is Caran D’Ache, a well-known Swiss MP and art supplies maker, which also dips in the luxury sector with its high-end products.

The most famous Fixpencil is probably an all-metal, hexagonal-body, black aluminum leadholder, and it typically comes in 2.00 mm and 3.15 mm — both types can exhibit either a sanded grip area close to the tip, or a smooth finish on the whole barrel.

Then there is a 0.7mm MP Fixpencil, currently in production: same lightweight metal barrel, this time in different colour and with a glossy finish, but thin lead core. The Fixpencil has been rearranged as a ballpoint pen, and as such is currently sold in many variants and limited editions.

Other notable members of the family include a few older 0.5 mm MP’s (one with sliding sleeve, one with cushioning sleeve, one with fixed sleeve and extra-long barrel, discussed here The extra long Fixpencil… / on Knockology and in other threads within the Forum), an extra-short 2.00 mm leadholder “Fixpencil 23”, and an artist-oriented 4.4 mm leadholder with round body, the Fixpencil 44 “Museum”.

If you search around, there is a gallery on Flickr with many other rarities in the pencil series, including variants in the grip area (Fixpencil 884 “Junior” similar to the Conté-Gilbert-Blanzy MP’s), imprints and other apects of the overall pencil structure.


By the way, my 0.7 mm CdA mechanical pencil in “FIXPENCIL design” has a matte black barrel and a strange weight distribution – the pencil weighs 16.1 g and the cap alone accounts for 2.7 g which shifts the centre of gravity far upwards.

About the 05 feeling too short, you may want to check that post about an “extra long fixpencil” that @Leonov just mentioned.

I was really surprised — especially by @drifand 's sidenote that they really needed to accommodate all the fishes :joy:

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I regret it to this day, but I sold my RNX 07mm because the balance of that pencil is completely wrong. It’s like 3—±—0 where + is the middle of the pencil and 0 is the tip.

In the absence of contrary evidence, I stand by my hypothesis! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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