This makes me want to quit 😔

I mean, seriously??

Just terrible.

I’m a joke compared to these college-aged Japanese kids.

And it just gets worse.

Also, what’s a PS705?

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Glad I’m not on Twitter.

I have a complete set of P1075. I thought you did too.

Hmm. :thinking: We thought the PS705 was corn, wheat, rose.

I only have a red P1075. Never even seen the green one for sale.

The CRW models came to mind with the PS705 designation, but the pencil on the box looks to have a hairline finish (and certainly no graphics).

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I just got my last P1075 in August, and it was the green one.

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Impressive! Pilot Automatics were expensive all the time, and Newman 2000 rare as long as I collect. So he was a consequent investor as well as a good hunter …

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The Newman 2000 is unbelievable. I just love the etching :star_struck:

But the point of my post is simply that any Japanese kid can visit a bunch of old stationery stores and find stuff like this.

It’s absolutely maddening to think a college kid with a $500 budget can achieve what I’ve done with a $25,000 budget.

If I didn’t have a wife and kids, I would 100% be on a plane to Japan right now with the intent of staying there however long it takes to find literally everything.

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Agreed…but I don’t have kids yet. But I definitely think we should do a group trip and just hunt down these shops! Too insane.

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I was too lazy to translate the twitter posts and comments (and additionally I don’t have an account there), but I thought the time of hunting in old shops has gone for many years?

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I see these kids posting about old stores all the time :woman_shrugging:t5:

Maybe just rich kids? :smiley: But if these pencils are still laying around in stores and the owners sell them for original price or even discounted, the profit margin is better than for cocaine or so (I guess!). So I can’t believe it’s just so easy anymore?

Some sellers on YAJ / mercari write, that it’s old stock storage from office supply, but that seems to be just a standard phrase sitting there for ages?

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I bet a lot of these old store owners really have no idea about the secondhand value.