There's a "shadow sub" for pens. LOL

Every once in a while I go visit r/pens just to see what’s being talked about. And then… today, I mistakenly typed r/pen. And it’s “somewhat” active, relatively speaking. “r/pens” is in the top 5% of ranked communities (surprisingly!). “r/pen” is in the top 20%.

But looking at “r/pen” is like a walk in the bizarro world. What mundane topics all over the place. Just a quick sample I glimpsed:

Refill question
World trade center
I need some advice/recommendations
Can someone tell me why my pen is doing this, it’s full on ink too
What is this pen?
Why does this happen?
What pen is this?
Help identify
Need help identifying pen
What are you writing on
Help me ID
Abandoned pens from desk clean out - spare parts
ID of this pen?
Pen ID, please
Pen ID with Little To Go On
Name/Model of this pen
Please help identify the pen
I had a pen similar to the image i need to identify it
Looking for a pen
PEN buying advice
What type of pen is this? Where can it be gotten?

Good God.


My phone once autocorrected r/pens to another word. That was something I tell ya.


Let me guess. An “i” was inserted? :smirk::sweat_smile:


i i captain.


I think r/pen happened after some r/pens regulars couldn’t take the crap reasons from the moderators for holding out on the lockdown protest. I’m staying out.