The steel is real

When you start getting into furniture…


I choose… all of them!

I had heard someone talk up the Worker( I dont want to misattribute a quote), but when i finally got my hands on it, it’s mediocrity was a surprise.

Is there anything that sets it apart from other pilots? Is there a meaning behind the name?

Im not intending to be negative :/, just curious/confused haha.

Sidenote: lovely spread and pic as always. You have an enviable talent that captures pencils quite well.


I think the Worker’s greatest sin is to be born into an extended family filled with more famous and outstanding relatives:

Steel body? Yes
Etching? No. Grip is screen printed
Gimmick? None; it’s a ‘worker’.

I think its main appeal is… character. The prominent name on the clip is in stark contrast with fancier sub-brands like Clutch Point, Quatro, etc… and especially the Elite.

This is by no means a favorite of mine, but I love how it stands apart in this lineup.

There are a number of Pilot steel pen sets with even LESS distinguishing traits than the Worker :joy:. I click on the listings and wondered: why did Pilot even bother making these?


Is the Mitsubishi a pen?

It’s a Pilot SW-200C sign pen with corporate branding for Mitsubishi Motors. It’s a capped rollerball. Won a G-mark Good Design award in 1973.


That one looks sooo Japanese for me. Great piece.

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