The seller backed out on me this time

Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone else had this trouble with this seller before? I bought from him several times before without problems. But this time a week after the payment he said the pencil is lost and can not be delivered. His message before was that we are preparing to ship on a set future date. And it was literally the one thing I really wanted to buy this month. If anyone bought a spare and willing to resell I am interested. But anyways I was totally gutted after his request for cancellation of the transaction.


Just wanted to commiserate. Mercari seems more prone to sellers backing out. I’ve had several incidents like that. Once I see that an item hasn’t been shipped after 2 weeks… I get a ‘bad feeling about this’ and prepare for the worst.


Oh seriously? I have had only a few bad experiences such as this one. But it is annoying nonetheless.


Recently a seller only was willing to sell at a higher price – so I deliberately backed out…