The Pilot S15 mod

Maybe one of the most famous pencil mods? It is a hybrid between the S20 and the S10, thus the name

Mine uses the S3/S5 shiny tip and clip, and a different clicker cap as well. I built it in 0.4mm lead size.

Something that I wanted to do is polish the middle ring so that it matches the rest of the trim. However I think that the middle ring is brass and not stainless so I can’t do this.

Any opinions?


I wouldn’t worry about the center metal ring as it’s really not a major attraction to the eye. Nicely done on this mod. How many different pencils did you buy to make it then? Was it 3?

I had bought an S10 to make an S15, tried it out… and it just left me feeling like I was wasting a nice S20. I also really like the S10 as it is (I’d gotten it with a translucent amber body). I am looking to pick up a used S20 with some front damage on a cheap price… then I’ll definitely give it a go.

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Thank you. I bought two, the S10 and S3. The S20 I had for a long time, I picked it up second hand for 500 yen and it was quite worn (eraser stuck on the tube, some bite marks on that tube from trying to pull it out, faded text on the middle ring). The back cap, I got it on a trashed H-585 that I got from a set, but as you can see it’s not the original H-585 cap. Who knows where it came from lol.

If buying everything new, I agree it’s a bit of a waste. I will try to sell the tips separately, there’s many people that modify the S20 for different lead diameters.

My problem with the S series pencils is that I like them all, but I have a minor gripe with all of them. S3 I’m not a fan of the full tinted plastic look (although I really like the sparkling limited edition S3, I have to get them sometime). S5 I don’t like the grip. S10 I don’t like the 0.4 colors. S20 I don’t like the back cap nor the matte trim. I would love to have a S20 with polished trim and the S30 back cap. I’m still wondering if those can be bought separately…

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Looks like a Staedtler cap, but we also know Staedtler caps never stay that shiny. I think this particular cap actually came from a Pilot Legno.

Legno HLE-250K caps don’t have the stripe/indentation on the back, so I think it’s a different one.

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