The "other" Clicker you may have (not) heard of

One recurringly hot topic in this Forum is the one about the amazing variety of Pentel Quicker Clicker MP’s: that side-knock pencil is famous for its many colour variants, special editions, and different iterations.

So, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this PILOT “Clicker” (with the middle “c” raised in the logo).

At first sight, this MP might represent the perfect nemesis for Pentel’s flagship plastic side-knock, because it sports basically the same features, while also attempting at a different twist on the original idea. Indeed, let’s run the checklist:

• Side-knock mechanism, activated by a slim rectangular pushbutton close to the grip area? Check!
• Nice, protected big eraser in the cap? Check!
• Non-removable clip integrated in the rear portion of the barrel? Check!

Also, it’s worth mentioning that the Pilot Clicker comes with a rubber grip band highlighting the general grip area (Pentel’s button is closer to the tip), a conical tip allowing the pencil to suit only writing needs, rather than drafting necessities, and an especially big & long eraser, which can be adjusted via a slider with stops set at regular pace (think about a snap-blade cutter).

One might then ask how it’s possible to load the lead container, if the eraser blocks any possible access to the feed mechanism; well, here lies Pilot’s ingenious solution: the barrel can be split into two halves, the “eraser section” and the “pencil section”, and the latter has a small lid exposing the lead pipe. The following picture shows the disassembled body, with all its features in full view.

Do you have one in your collection? What do you think about it? I find mine quite pleasing and interesting to use; I still can’t stand the immovable clip, and I miss a proper drafting point, but I have to admit that this item has been a pleasant surprise during some note-taking sessions; its girth is slightly bigger than the one of Pentel’s Clickers, and its barrel better fits my hand.

And now back to Pentel’s ubiquitous Clickers… :slight_smile: