The Micro Two-Touch 👎🏻

I’ve been on the hunt for a Micro Two-Touch mechanical pencil for many years. I first spotted one on a Chinese classified site many many moons back but couldn’t figure out how to get it. It was a brown “wood-grained” Pentel Technoclic look-alike. I continued to keep an eye open and had finally found a yellow “wood-grained” one in Spain, but the seller ended up refunding my money because it was no longer available.

Fast forward a couple of years, and just the other day I see two on eBay—a blue one and a brown “wood-grained” one. The blue one was much cheaper, so I decided to make an offer on that first. Offer accepted. Five days later, it arrives, and I was super excited to open it up. Over the years, part of me had hoped it was a higher quality version of the Pentel Technoclic, which I’ve always felt was a weird and goose egg of a piece.

Unfortunately, this thing is a total piece of junk. It feels cheap, sounds cheap, and it’s just a regular knock pencil. When you click the top knock, the side knock moves—they are connected. It is horrible. The plastic is terrible. I’m glad I bought the blue one first and didn’t pay the higher price for the “wood-grain” one.

These photos make it look cool. It is not cool.


Dang - that sucks. You should add a “Caveat emptor” catagory tag. :expressionless:
That looks like it could of had a lot of potential.


Aw, nuts. I had high hopes for this as well.
On a positive note, I can now scratch this off my list.


“It is NOT cool” :joy::rofl::joy:

Love some real talk.


“Trust me guys, the product doesn’t do justice to my photos!”

Yup. I know the feeling.


Bummer! But hey, you took one for the team, so thank you for that!

I’m curious what issues you have with the Technoclic - it’s pretty solid for a plastic automatic pencil IMO.

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