The IWI Fusion... ever heard of it?

The IWI brand… looks like it may be from Japan. Amazon sells this brand line, and the IWI Fusion (pen or pencil) for ¥2,845. Reviews are very mixed though. LINK

Cincinnati, Ohio based luxury pen shop called 411 Pens has it for $18 USD.
They describe the IWI Fusion mechanical pencil as “Fusion consists of a stylish carbon fiber body with matching raw brass or electro-plated trims. Available both as a ball pen or mechanical pencil.” And that’s it. No other details. Only 0.5 mm. No clue if it’s double-knock.

Anyone here have any experience with IWI?


Found a link thru Google:

IWI is International Writing Instrument Corp. of Taiwan. OEM since 1985 and exports to over 80 countries. IWI stationery line was created in 2015 as in house brand.

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Great! Thanks for looking into that, Kelvin.

They make fountain pens and ballpoints too, although reviews aren’t stellar. Still, the pencil is cheap enough to give it a try.

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