The GG500 Brazilian colors set is now available as a regular US item

For example, 19.99 on Amazon.

Pentel GraphGear 500 Limited Edition Mechanical Pencil, Classic Colors Box Set, 0.3, 0.5, 0.7, 0.9mm point sizes included, Box of 4 Pencils (PG520RBXSET)

I am sorely tempted but it’s hard to justify another handful of GG500s.


ordered mine Tuesday along with :


Yeah, I’m trying HARD not to own both sets - I started with that group.

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I have them (except for the 0.9) and they are worth it! Go ahead and buy it, you’ll not regret it…
A shame that in Brazil we did not get this nice box.


Amazon, sensing that they had a sucker taking their bait, also showed me two other color sets - of Pentel sharps - with similar retro-looking boxes and 4 pencils in each. You have been warned.

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I just received my 2 boxes of these pencils.

They used the same insert for these as the P200 series from last year. That means that the PG520 pencils don’t fit very well, since the PG520 has a much wider grip than the P200, although you can press them into the foam rubber to make them stay (not done in the factory, as all of the pencils were ratlling around in the box).

As someone mentioned above, some of the pencils were not screwed together (either completely or not at all).

The set is called Pentel GraphGear 500 Classic Colors Edition. Where are they getting these “Classic Colors”? The PG520 series are the same colors they have been for around 20 years.

But, they are now in my collection.


I just noticed this tonight while entering the pencils in my spreadsheet.

Check out the pencils on the left
Top to bottom
Beige 0.9mm
Blue 0.7mm
Green 0.5mm
Red 0.3mm

Now read the description on the bottom right.

Now check out the red logo on the bottom left: Superior Quality Mechanical Pencil. Not so much on the editing. They had similar issues on the P200 Graphite box, where they called out “this limited edition series features the original colors launched in 1970…”.


Would’ve loved the green as a 0.7! There was a period when Pilot used green for 0.7.