The Creator… spoilers only!

Warning: Spoilers ahead…

Just watched this on a Friday afternoon. The visuals are stunning. I felt like I was seeing the best of 70s and 80s SciFi illustrations come to life. That was a treat.

The story… well. Looks like Avatar and Rogue One had a kid. The little girl did a great job, but some of the last 1/3 felt choppy, rushed and plothole heavy.

Some peeves:

  • Simulants cannot shut off medical equipment to terminate human life. Ok, is that why the AI troops learned to shoot from the Stormtrooper school of marksmanship?

  • Alfie was created from a scan of Maya’s actual human fetus. How did the spinning head drive ‘grow’ with the child???

Otherwise, it is an excellent indie effort. Disney, Lucasfilm (what’s left of it) and Marvel Studios need to take a hard look at The Creator and do some serious soul searching.


Thanks for the review. Looks interesting and will check it out.

What have thought about Ashoka?


I thought Ashoka was well made, but you really need to have watched Star Wars Rebels and the Clone Wars animated series to get the full picture of how important she was/is in the general scheme of things. For anyone who is a Star Wars enthusiast, but has not yet seen Clone Wars or Rebels, I HIGHLY recommend both series. I was initially put off by the animation styles, and because of that put off watching them for years.


I liked Ashoka when she cameo’d in the Mandalorian S2. The storyline with LUKE taking Grogu in for apprenticeship powered a lot of hope in me for the future of the franchise. The senselessness of Mando S3 and Book of Boba Fett killed all interest in Ashoka for me.


The only Star Wars media that still gets me excited is Andor. It started slow but after the first 3 episodes that were used to establish the tone and give you a background on the protagonist and his surroundings it was an absolute blast!

If you liked The Creator you might also enjoy Villeneuve’s Arrival.

I think most movies from the big studios have lost soul, they often lack that feeling you get from older productions (and indie ones that have to be really creative and artistic nowadays to have a chance to compete) were you left the theater feeling as if something changed. They have the scale, the effects, the heavy hitting actors and definitely have the funds but they just lack something that “touches” the viewer imo. And what’s annoying to me is that they aren’t even regularly bad because once in a while there’s a production like Rogue One, Andor or in the case of animation Pixar’s Soul that just feels like a breath of fresh air and shows you that clearly these studios can still make something that’s worth your time if they actually tried.


Yeah, I first learned fo Ashoka in The Mandalorian. I haven’t seen any of the animated series… putting off for the same reason–animation style. But maybe I’ll give them a go.


I have to say there were many things about Season 3 that I liked, but I agree… there was a bit much on the senselessness. I cannot stand it when you have certain premises built up and then they’re carelessly torn down. Boba Fett was pretty good IMHO. I guess you never saw Kenobi? Now, THAT… was a franchise killer. Holy WTH… I mean, even with Ewan McGregor? He’s a great actor. But the writing sucked. He was… so impotent. They did a disservice to the character. I almost abandoned the series because of that one.

Andor brought me back. That was well done. Yeah, it did have some problems here and there, but it was believable and with loads of grit.


Can’t wait for Andor Season 2 to be out. And man the original music for Andor is so damn good! Everything else lucasfilm has been meh. I was expecting Obi wan to be top tier instead it was extra boring and not very good. Completely agree with your comments above.


In the vein of recent movies, I watched The Killer last week, which I was super stoked for because David Finch and Michael Fassbender.

It was probably the biggest meh of the year for me. 4/10 do not reccomend.