The Art of Collecting: Balancing Passion and Commerce

As collectors, we’re united by a common thread: the joy of discovery and the deep appreciation for the stories and history that each pencil holds. There’s a certain magic in unearthing a rare piece, a connection to the past that’s tangible and real. However, we often find ourselves in a challenging situation when these pieces enter the realm of reselling.

It’s tough to witness a pencil you’ve admired being bought and then resold at a significantly higher price. This aspect of our hobby can be disheartening. It feels like watching a part of history becoming less accessible, moving further from our grasp. And it’s important to acknowledge these feelings - they are valid and shared by many in our community.

However, it’s also crucial to recognize that reselling, though it may not always align with our ideals, is an age-old part of trade. This doesn’t mean we have to celebrate or defend it, but understanding its role might help us navigate our hobby with a bit more ease.

Reselling has always been intertwined with collecting, affecting various collectibles, from rare books to vintage cars. It’s a complex dynamic, one that often brings about mixed emotions. We don’t have to fully embrace this aspect, but perhaps coming to terms with its existence in our world can help us focus more on what we love – the pencils themselves and the stories they tell.

I’m not here to advocate for one side or the other. My aim is to foster a space where we can share our passion without the negativity that sometimes surrounds the topic of reselling. It’s about finding a middle ground where we can coexist with the various facets of our hobby.


In the end, whether we’re hunting for that elusive pencil, cherishing our current collection, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of fellow enthusiasts, we’re all part of this unique and wonderful community.

Let’s continue to share our experiences, learn from each other, and remember that at the heart of it all is our shared love for these remarkable instruments.

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