Testing New Site Ideas and Features


I wanted to touch base with you all regarding some recent updates and improvements I’m trying to add to the site. As part of our ongoing efforts to provide the best possible experience for all of us, I’ve been testing out a new feature that I believe could be very beneficial for our community.

Specifically, I am proposing that we create a wiki-like system that would allow us to designate certain posts and pages as the official sources of information for specific models. In these posts, we would compile all of the relevant details about the product, including release dates, materials, pricing, and other important information.

One of the key benefits of this system is that it would allow anyone to contribute to and update these posts as new information becomes available. We are all constantly learning through our investigations, and this would provide a centralized location for us to share our latest findings.

To start testing this out, I have added a few tags (such as “wiki”, “documentation”, and “docs”) that can be used to mark a post as the official model post. Once a post is tagged, it will automatically be added to the Docs section of the website.

I understand that there may be some confusion as we work to integrate this new feature into our existing communication channels. As of now, we have regular forum posts, chatting, and the new docs/wiki system. However, I am confident that with your input and collaboration, we can create a comprehensive strategy for documenting, chatting, sharing, and connecting with one another.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in this community.

Y’all are awesome!


In addition, I have increased our compute resources on the server. As a result, we should experience faster load times across the site. :man_dancing:


What kind of space do we have? How about catalogs?


We should still host pdfs and large files on another platform like Dropbox.

I have 50gb storage for the site which should be enough for most of our posts and images.


Fantastic work and thank you for continuing to improve this site!

For the wiki, I wonder if it is possible to create a post template with metadata fields and then use that structured data to search and populate make/model indices. So you would basically end up with a forum post that gives you structured data like a wiki but you can also comment on.

Hit me up if you need help with this or any of the work on the site. I’m a software engineer too :slight_smile: