Telescoping MPs List

I need help making a list of twisting telescopic pencils.

Pilot Grandee Priere
Pilot Protex
Platinum Z
Sakura YS5000 Y2


Has anyone compared them all?

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Uchida type E
Cross MP

Don’t forget the lipstick holder, aka Pilot Timeline / Ageless!

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Sorry, I meant MPs that lengthen when twisted.

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I should block Pearson from being able to reply with his opinion on this thread.

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Good one. Thank you.

The Porsche Design Classic line’s drafting type is another one.


When I read the title, I thought of sth different, so I write it here :smiley:

  • rotring esprit
  • zebra ss-1000
  • artline Shachihata

Thanks. Does the barrel lengthen or just the tip extends?

Just the tip, and Ohto as well. If you are talking about the barrel, it should be twist-cap slide type and then the PD Classic or Ohto should not be counted.

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Thank you. Are there any that have twist to extend tip and eraser cap but barrel does not extend? Is it only Protex that does this?

Uni shift is an opposite one.

The body length actually becomes shorter when the tip comes out

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Hmmmm… I wouldn’t consider these “telescoping” pencils. They’re really “retractable” types. Yes, the Priere does lengthen a tiny bit on deployment, but it’s such a nominal amount.

Telescoping is generally a notable change in body length, purposefully for simplicity of stowage and then normal size for usage. The Grandee Priere doesn’t really telescope in that regard. Also, the Protex (or Protecs) and Platinum Z don’t physically lengthen their bodies. They just deploy a retractable tip.

The Artline Shachihata is definitely a telescoping pencil. There isn’t a retractable tip, but it does have a sliding pipe guide. Of all the telescoping pencils I’ve encountered, this one is my favorite… because it also doubles as a body-knock. VIDEO


Yes, telescoping may not be the best word. Reminds me of Rotring Esprit, Artline and tons of tiny Victorian pencils.

Still, what I am trying to list is twist retractable tip pencils whose grip and barrel move away from each other axially upon deployment. The tiny gap of 2-4mm is what allows most of these pencils to click-advance. I personally don’t like this gap because it is an uncomfortable element of the pencil during use.

A separate (superior) list of pencils would include twist retract pencils whose grip and bodies do not translate away from each other. I think Protex fits in this group. Promecha also kindof fits, though the tip itself is not moving in or out.

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Uni Shift is a good one to think about. It is more of a Lock-slide-lock mechanism rather than a continuous twist. It also has the interesting feature of the locking cap that it cannot advance lead except when the tip is deployed.

Thanks for bringing Shift to my attention. There is a broad spectrum of twist retract and twist conceal pencils and Shift is a pretty unusual one.

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