Takizawa — has any anyone ever heard of it?

I have this brushed aluminium 05 pencil with a “Takizawa” imprint. It feels like a Tombow or something similar. It’s far more substantial than a Newman or a Morison or a Fuji but far less compact than a Kokuyo or a Faber-Castell. It speaks to me of real estate agents or perhaps of a well-dressed man in a hotel lobby in Madrid doing crosswords and smoking one of those stinky Fortuna cigarettes.

Could never find any info on it.


The brushed barrel reminds me of the faber castell DS series


Very beautiful pencil!

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If the brushing gives a very smooth finish, it’s Faber-Castell DS for sure.

If the same brushing process results in a slightly coarser grain, something one can barely feel when touching, to the point of seeming like a very smoothen out knurling, then it’s more akin to a rOtring fineliner MP — almost same appearance, but very different feeling under the finger tips.

PS: the picture evoked by @ulfesharpe looks absolutely spot on to me. :slight_smile: