Taking a closer look at knurling

I was in the lab the other day looking at some electronic repairs under a microscope. I happened to have a pencil with me and thought I’d have a look at the knurling.

I only had a couple pencils with me at the time, but plan to have a closer look at some of my favorites. In particular, I’d like to look at the knurling on the Blick Premiere- I love that pencil but hate the pseudo knurling it has.


That OHTO knurling is beautiful.


This is really cool. The Uni Shift has some of the sharpest knurling I’ve ever used—right up there with the Alvin Draft/Matic, Sanford/PaperMate Pro•Touch II, and Berol Rapidomatic—so it’s fascinating to see the fine pyramid structure of the Uni’s knurling.

I also love how the Ohto’s knurling appears under the microscope; it seems they accounted for more space between the knurls, resulting in a smoother—yet still grippy—feel. Top class!


So cool you have access to that super high powered microscope at the lab, to look at pretty much anything small enough to fit.

Yeah, the BLICK Premier pencil is excellent but you’re right that the grip could be a little more abrasive.


Fantastic! Reminds me of Google Art Project where you can zoom into a few paintings at a level that not even the maker could have considered.

(Btw, some of them are rather gross, you can see hairs and other stuff we,'re certainly better off not knowing what it is :grimacing:

Of course, the contrary happens here. Sharp clean!)


Berol Rapidomatic?