Take one last look at everything in The Toolbox™ 👀

I never imagined The Toolbox™—with its ~1100 pencil display capacity—would prove inadequate, but here we are.

For posterity, I posted pictures of each drawer on X. Unless I’m mistaken, this is the first time I’ve posted a significant portion of my collection; I always find it fascinating to see how others have chosen to arrange their collections.


I LOVE to see huge gatherings like this. Your collection is amazing.
It must take you ages to get all those lined up in strait lines.
BTW I only see one drawer are the others on separate posts?


What an amazing collection!! I’m still looking each drawer pencil by pencil. Kudos for it!

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It’s a thread, which is a string of posts that run together. Scroll down to see the rest of the posts.

:point_up_2: clearly not a Rotring guy

rOtring, Staedtler, Spoke, Faber-Castell, Berol, Alvin, and other manufacturers are currently in an auxiliary toolbox.

Hell, even my killer BOXY collection isn’t even in The Toolbox™ right now.

This is a major reason why I’m moving to The Pencil Files™.


every time I hear “The Pencil Files™” the X-Files theme plays in my head


Perfection :pinched_fingers:t6:

Figured it out - wasnt logged in so I didnt see the thread.

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I’m absolutely gobsmacked by your collection!

And by the fact that so many pursue all the variants of each model… Some years ago I counted over 800 pencils in my collection (shouldn’t exceed 100 nowadays) but it was only 1 model of each, apart from the accugraphs — of which I only keep the PG15 now…

That means that you guys should have approx 5000 pencils at least!! That is amazing.

I wonder if it was me who sold you your Sprinter in green :wink:



Absolutely droolworthy!

Can we please get hi-res images for the Knockology crowd? :grinning:


I doubt they’ll be much better, but here are the images straight off my phone (converted from .heic to .jpg):

Drawer 1: Pilot

Drawer 2: Pentel drafting, hybrids, and capped

Drawer 3: Pentel and Pilot executives:

Drawer 4: Tombow and random Pentels

Drawer 5: Mitsubishi and Uni

Drawer 6: Newman and Platinum

Drawer 7: Ohto, Sakura, and Sailor

Drawer 8: Zebra

Drawer 9: Colleen Jib, Kokuyo, and Mitsubishi sub-brands (Exceed, Brain, etc)


:drooling_face: homer simpson drooling sounds


:point_up_2: clearly not a Rotring guy


if you have a cat jumped on these… :crazy_face: