Strange Pentel timeline from Japanese Twitter

Check it out; they’ve made some interesting claims about the genealogy of various Pentel pencils (but I can’t really make sense of it all).


so those diagrams were shown at an official presentation of the orenznero? i am too less deep into pentel to detect strangenesses, but i am sure nimrodd will do :smiley:

there is also an image of the 0.1mm prototype in one of the links. i don’t remember if it is the photo i have seen before or another one.

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This is fantastic. It took me a bit to get the years, but once I hit image 3 and saw the S63 flow into H1, I figured Showa era and Heisei era, so I can convert those to CE years.

I have seen something similar before, but I don’t believe it was this comprehensive.

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And some dates appear to be off a bit from the official timeline. For example the P1035 (Kerry) shows to have been released in 1972 (Showa 47 +1925), instead of 1971, which is the “official” release date and what is marked on the pencil.

The Rolly’s are listed on here, as are the Renoma pencils, which are a lot older than I thought, starting in 1985. The Person’s Collection is listed as well, starting in 1987, with the PQ6 coming out in 1990.


Some of the images from link to Flickr images that can be magnified as well.

There appears to be some good information from this page as well:

This might be old information to some/most of you though


This is a really interesting and at the same time frustrating timeline. Too bad there is so little in the S35-S45 time period.

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