Strange Geometry: ACME P2-C & WECLE 3011

The ACME P2-C was discussed recently on the pens forum. It was designed by Robert Brunner of Pentagram Design back in 2006. This reverse hourglass design is realised in milled aluminum and features a magnetic cap with a cool but flimsy steel wire clip.

It also came with a polished aluminum pen stand, but I left it out as ai wanted to try and balance the pen by itself on my work desk.

I struggled for awhile trying to find a suitable mechanical pencil to go with the P2-C. My options were fairly limited and in the end I picked this WECLE model 3011 with a similar doubled-up cone configuration.

“What is WECLE??”

I don’t have any good answers. I stumbled on this particular model on eBay back around 2010 or so. It came in a funky box marked ‘WECLE 4Dimension’ and the box flaps were stamped “model 3011”.

In my research, I’ve found some Japanese posts that claimed WECLE is an offshoot of lower-tier manufacturer MITUKAN. I have no way of verifying this claim.

What’s also interesting is that some of the other WECLE models I have managed to find bear a passing resemblance to Tombow’s Zoom 707 series with the distinctive colored ball clip.

Was WECLE/MITUKAN simply imitating Tombow? Or were they perhaps an OEM who worked on some of those design icons?


Strange Geometry, Strange Overtones…

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