Stinking mad about huge sticker on cardbord sleeve

I was happy to find a retailer on Amazon Japan who has the Pentel Graphgear 500 Classic Colors set but when it arrived I was both horrified and very angry.

I was able to remove the sticker without tearing the sleeve apart but most of the glue remained on the packaging which is now irreparably damaged by it. This is more than annoying for a set intended for collectors. – Of course I have contacted the seller; let’s see what comes of it.

What kind of monster does that?


It was probably an Amazon robot… sad.


This could be possible – I haven’t thought of that.

They should make robots with eyes! :slight_smile:

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sadly, they just put stickers on everything and they think packaging is for the safety of goods only.

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click the “This item contains a gift” then proceed to check out. They’ll have to box it proper.


Thanks for this tip! I’ll give that a try.

You could actually get that impression.