Steampunk pencil


I’m a big fan of Steampunk culture and anything related to its “vibes”; these pencils look quite accurate in terms of materials (or imitation thereof), ageing/rust, design consistency, and details.

Unfortunately, the gears-lover in me cannot un-see that those pinions and cogwheels cannot have those shapes, save for aesthetic purposes, as cylindrical, conical, or helical gears probably ought to be built and assembled differently.

To me, the perfect steampunk pencil would have an outside resembling Clicksping Chris’ brass scriber (see here) with a touch more of ornamental grooves, and the mechanics mixing together the FF-matic advance, an automatic feed, a rear switch-and-lever pushbutton, a partial twistaction of a flange to protect the tip, variable-length feed regulator, and, of course, some elaborate wooden/metal/purple-velvet, locked case. :slight_smile:


The Amazon reviews are not that great (averaging 3.7 out of 5). I just thought it was visually a cool concept, but it appears it wasn’t well implemented.

Of course, this is a fantasy pencil. Accuracy of pins and cogs was not a priority, but more of the artistic flair using echoes of those components.

This one would be more my speed:

or this:


Wow! Impressive!

The first one in this new series is seriously accurate. Very, very well… :slight_smile:

Also, the bullet-shaped one with wooden insert looks wonderful, and also the brass detail pipe running along the shaft in the second one.

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