Starting my last unboxing with a massive L 😔

Fucking idiot seller either lied or included the wrong pencil.

$55.86 for a piece I already have that will be hard to sell for a higher price. What a pain in the ass.

(To be clear, I wanted the pencil shown in the listing—it’s the only style of Tombow W-knock he displays on his page. Instead, he sent me the one I already have, which doesn’t have the zig-zag “W-knock” silkscreen on the barrel. God dammit.)

If any of you have a black or navy specimen of the Tombow W-knock, I’ll overpay for it. I always chase good money with bad when it means I get what I want after getting fucked.

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I’m going to sign up for a Japanese VPN free for 30 days and get a Mercari account just to bitch at this guy. Fucking unbelievable.

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Tell us how you really feel, hoss.