Staedtler Organizer Pencil - not so easy to find

I first came across the Staedtler Organizer Pen when I started collecting in earnest around 2014-15. I was in a ‘triangular’ phase and had already looked into the FC Grip 2011 and Staedtler’s low cost Triplus Micro 774.

The Organizer Pen in all aluminum looked like a really nice upgrade and companion for those two pencil models. Naturally, I went for the silver back then. And while researching online found out that: 1. It could be considered part of the even more expensive Initium line up, and sported a similar style of clip. 2. There was a mechanical pencil as well in 0.5 and 0.7mm!

Well, those MP models somehow never made it to Singapore, and the online prices from Europe were prohibitive. I think the price was something like 25 EUR a piece. So it was something that was always in the back of my mind for several years.

And then I happened to be browsing at the local Kinokuniya and saw it: the Organizer Pencil! But it was NOT FOR SALE… I had to buy a wimpy Avant-grade multipen in order to receive it as a ‘gift’. Grrr.

I did it anyway and chose the yellow 0.7mm. There were no 0.5mm models available. My guess is that this was the distributor clearing stocks… Anyway, good news, the Organizer Pencil uses a dedicated metal clutch mechanism!

Here is my long awaited Organizer Pencil in the line up, together with the recent TRX series which also sports a triangular profile AND a similar Initium style clip.

Mini quest completed! :slight_smile:


Wow, did not know about the existence of this one.

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Impressive! I have never seen these in Germany, Staedtler’s home.

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Can’t believe I’ve never seen this one before—it’s got a unique design and really stands out. The colors you’ve assembled are just perfection :100:

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While looking for the Organizer Pencil, I’d found the triangular COLLEEN Jib K-520 instead. :slight_smile: