Staedtler 925 77 HEXAGONAL limited color

First thing to do: remove the shiny clip!

Solid brass mechanism

All metal button with o-ring

Firm lead hardness window that doesn’t shift easily

I went for the limited version-0, basically a tribute to the classic MARS woodcased pencils I used as a kid. Really feel that this color scheme should’ve been the main one instead of a limited run.

Visually the design is… meh. But it is quite well made. When I saw the o-ring on the all metal button, I instantly thought of the Kaweco Special. And so I did a quick comparison.

Weight wise, the HEXA is more solid feeling in the hand compared to a 925 25. Zero rattling. Sure, precise click.

I do feel the cone could’ve done with an o-ring as well, like on the Kaweco or 925 25. The nearly 3,000 yen MSRP is steep, but I had a Rakuten coupon for a 10% discount…


Hmm, Rakuten coupon ended yesterday … edit: ok, it is sold out anyway …

KaWeCo brand is at Nürnberg, and hence is probably manufactured by one of the franconian companies (FC, Staedtler, stabilo,…). The HEXA LE is Staedtler Japan, but I guess mechanical design is made at Nürnberg HQ. So the chances are good, that the similarity Special <-> Hexa is not occasional?


Do you know if this pencil is still in production?

If anyone is looking to add this to your collection I found 2 left on Etsy for $39


Great photos. Although a hardcore Staedtler person, the limited blue colour just did not do it for me. On the other hand I still might get the all black version.


I wonder if anyone has used this pencil for some amount of time for a review. Almost all of the hexagonals on mercari (and it’s not an overstatement) have flaked or peeled rubber coatings. It seems like the durability of the coating is not too good.


There are some reviews on YouTube about the pencil, and all of them talk about the rubber coating peeling off. If you store the pencil with other pencils in a bag, it is certain that it will peel off. So, it will need extra care when you use it, and also not be stored with other pencils to avoid scraping. I think it’s a lot of headache for a pencil that doesn’t have any features. I have it on my shopping list, but it’s right at the bottom.


Hasn’t happened to me yet, probably because I scarcely put it into rotation. But yes, the pictures of the coating coming off are disconcerting. FWIW, at least the coating comes off instead of staying on as a sticky mess.


Got one yesterday — opened the box with substantial enthusiasm and it didn’t disappoint me.

  • long nearly 15cm
  • nearing the ideal 18g-20g
  • well built
  • no rattling inside a.k.a. super silent
  • nice soft click
  • no bullshit pencil

Fair to say it’s going to be in my top 5 of nicest surprises in recent years for mainstream brands (no order):

The OHTO H is not in this list because I like rattling noises and wobbling pencil tips… but because imho the design of the pencil is superlative. :slight_smile:

Still need to try a few “recents” that I’ve neglected like one of those recent Tombows (still divided between getting the silver or black one) and hmm perhaps the Platinum 171.


Platinum 171 (maybe all-black) is a no-brainer imho.

I finally ordered the tombows, when a Rakuten bonus was available at my proxy and have not yet received them … the prices are at my limit for recent pencils.


The TectTwoWay was an incredible disappointment for me. INSANELY front heavy. Using it felt like benching with 45lbs on one side and nothing on the other.

The TectTwoWay lite was a pleasant surprise. Zebra’s Flagship being the Delguard EX (?) (one of my FAVORITE modern pencils) makes me wonder “how many cooks they have in their development kitchen