Staedtler 925 77 HEXAGONAL limited color

First thing to do: remove the shiny clip!

Solid brass mechanism

All metal button with o-ring

Firm lead hardness window that doesn’t shift easily

I went for the limited version-0, basically a tribute to the classic MARS woodcased pencils I used as a kid. Really feel that this color scheme should’ve been the main one instead of a limited run.

Visually the design is… meh. But it is quite well made. When I saw the o-ring on the all metal button, I instantly thought of the Kaweco Special. And so I did a quick comparison.

Weight wise, the HEXA is more solid feeling in the hand compared to a 925 25. Zero rattling. Sure, precise click.

I do feel the cone could’ve done with an o-ring as well, like on the Kaweco or 925 25. The nearly 3,000 yen MSRP is steep, but I had a Rakuten coupon for a 10% discount…


Hmm, Rakuten coupon ended yesterday … edit: ok, it is sold out anyway …

KaWeCo brand is at Nürnberg, and hence is probably manufactured by one of the franconian companies (FC, Staedtler, stabilo,…). The HEXA LE is Staedtler Japan, but I guess mechanical design is made at Nürnberg HQ. So the chances are good, that the similarity Special <-> Hexa is not occasional?