Space Age Trifecta

All three have storied pasts. All three are later versions that still bear their design roots. I am contented.

1965 - Fisher Space Pen AG7, privately developed by Paul Fisher for use in the extreme environment of space. First seen live on television in 1968 when it was demonstrated by Cmdr. Walter Schirra on Apollo 7. This particular example was made between 1986 to 1991 based on the box and refill.

1968 - Pentel Mechanica, world’s first 0.3mm mechanical pencil, made possible by the innovation of high polymer lead formulation. This is a late model with lighter stamping of the grid lines, dating to around the late 1990s to 2002 when it went out of production.

1969 - Omega Speedmaster Professional, first watch on the moon with Apollo 11. This iconic watch actually has its origins as a 50s era racing chronometer before passing NASA’s selection process in 1965. It has since been updated several times through the decades. Mine is a caliber 3861 from 2021.


Impressive display. The Omega Speedmaster is a nice surprise. How often do you have to service it?


I only got it in 2021, so… at least 5-10 years unless something happens to it. I wear it daily so it’s picking up small dings etc. It gains about 1-2 sec a day so I only reset it once a month or so.