Some Tajima pencils

The Japanese tool maker Tajima also has some marking and writing implements. These include a few mechanical pencils, four of which are shown here.

Left to right/top to bottom: SS13MH, SH20FM, SS20MH-HB, SH20MH-HB. – Besides these and not shown here is the all-plastic SS13-xx in three variants (xx = 2H, HB, RED).

The SS13MH uses 1.3 mm leads. Its grip/tip is reminiscent of the Pentel GraphGear 500 and the button looks like the one of the Pentel AM13 which suggests that this pencil is made by Pentel. – The SS13-xx (also for 1.3 mm leads) is very similar to the AM13 but has a plastic tip.

The SH20FM (the only one of the four which is discontinued) is a classic 2 mm leadholder with a metal barrel. The knurling is quite sharp, which is sometimes criticised, but as this pen is intended to be used with gloves, it has to be.

The SS20MH-HB is also a 2 mm leadholder but with a knock mechanism (like e. g. the STAEDTLER 925 25 20 and the rOtring 800/2.0 mm) and the SH20MH-HB is a classic 2 mm leadholder too. Both have a rubberised barrel. – Tajima offers matching leads in two hardness grades (HB and 2H) and three colours (red, blue and white).

Tajima also has wood-cased pencils in its range which are made by Tombow. I have the old variant of the KN6-HB (“Hi-Balance”, made in Japan) which is amazing but the new variant (“Gold Grade”, made in Vietnam) is still very good.


Good to see these being documented. I have actually had the ‘Graph 500’ and the ‘yellow’ model sitting in my shopping cart for years. Just never reached a point where they’d be ideal for impulse buys.

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(Photo from the web)

I had this previous SS20MH model. I sold it not that long ago but can’t find my own pictures right now.

Nice metal knurled grip, nose cone, clip and button — the body is in lightweight plastic (pretty much the same quality of a BIC ballpoint). Soft springy mechanism, I liked it. Despite the not so great plastic, it would be a worthy competitor to an hypothetical Rotring 500 2.0mm.

Will get one back for my dwindling collection if I ever get the chance.


This looks great! Was its barrel rubberised too?

Not rubberised. Hard shiny plastic. Like a BIC Orange ballpoint.

Wow, that’s even better! I wish this variant was still available.