Some steel executives - Pentel, Newman, Kokuyo

The PS-100 is heaviest by far, at 27.8g. Next, the P1005 is just over 20g. P1085 is 13.5g. And the Newman at 13g.


Body knock pencils are my favourite, and the premium line of mistral is very attractive. I need to get my hands on one of these.

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There are 3 to choose from: steel (PS100), black (PS101), and gold fluted (PS102). The black has a coating on it that is wear prone. The PS102 has a lot of bling with all of that gold plating, but it’s very handsome (not sure if it’s gold-tone or real gold as its not hallmarked, but the price was ¥5000, compared to ¥2000 for the other two).


Black one has the 3000 yen sticker.