Some German favorites

OK, I know some will say “but modern rOtring is Japanese!” Yet, until they change the designs and abandon those made while rOtring was German, I’m going to stick with it.

I did leave one out. A recent 0.3 mm 600 acquisition, with double springs and 0.3 on the eraser cap. I’ll leave that for a rOtring-ONLY group shot.

Faber Castell has made some great mechanical pencils. I have lusted after an alphamatic titanium or bronze version, but had to settle for a gray version. I once had the TK-matic in green, bought cheap, cleaned it up and resold it. I finally got a 9725-L. Didn’t get to pay below market. Got tired of missing out. But this one came like new. Even passed the magnification test. Perfect! It’s just missing a box.