Some Fresh Mail

Finally received that Lucio Rossi Design “Hot Rod” - My first 2MM. The craftsmanship is wonderful, Much better than some of the photos that were published here a while ago. I really like it. Not the hugest fan of 2mm lead-holders as I don’t have much of a use for them, but I do see the appeal. May accumulate a few more of them along my way, but certainly not a new focus, personally.

The Spoke 6s are strangely disappointing. I’ve had 2 Spoke 4s for a year or two, and really like those! They have a certain substance to them, and also just have some character/personality that I really enjoy. These, however, I just don’t like as much. There’s nothing inherently bad about them construction wise, but the grip just tends to infuriate me, It’s extremely slick knurling, making it more or less ineffective. Especially disappointing considering the Spoke 4 Knurled grip is some of the most aggressive knurling I have ever experienced, only to switch to some of the smoothest I’ve experienced. Probably won’t use them much, and I especially regret getting two models that are so similar (just different grip sizes and colours).


I could sense the unknurly smoothness from your shot… any way to swap / upgrade them?


Honestly can’t really tell. It doesn’t look like the body diameters of the Spoke 6 and the 4 are the same, otherwise I might be able to swap a spoke 4 grip onto it.

I unfortunately lack the expertise and equipment to try to upgrade them myself.

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The Spoke 4 is the king.


The Spoke 4 grip and body are press-fit together. The Spoke 6 grip and body screw together. Without machining, they are not interchangeable.


I just attach to this thread, because identical topic: fresh mail from last month or so. I stretched my budget a bit, but before Christmas always the best auctions surface …


Cool Porsche Ballpoints in the lower right!

What is the set in the top right?

The both Porsche Tecflexs are also MPs. The set in the top right is the Movado edition of Faber-Castell (it can be found in Damdeok’s collection thread). It’s the most interesting item in the photo, I will take individual photos of it (but not before New Year) in comparison to PD arc.