Some discussion about the exchange of information

Intro: I just came here and found that this website looks almost like my ideal place to collect and exchange information. I also have some information to share with you. The website looks relatively clean now but I have a few such problems now, and if I don’t figure it out, I think the data area of the site will become a mess sooner or later.

To me, the following types of information are obviously valuable:
1. Catalogs, 2. Instructions (and packaging), 3. Patents (a small number of them can correspond to specific models), 4. Pictures of rare models or versions (most of the time taken by someone else and found from anywhere on the Internet), 5. Advertising illustrations or posters, brochures, etc. (about a particular model, or a sub-series of a brand) 6. Official book on the history of the company. 7. Third-party magazine about pens


what is your concern?

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So, here’s the question:
1, If I want to upload a full catalog, I know what to do, we already have a catalog section. But for a few pages of fragmentary catalogs (there are many), I think it might be appropriate to put them under a summary post that aggregates all the incomplete information about a particular brand, and distinguishes the titles from the complete ones

2, Should l put it in a separate section or in a subfolder in a directory post? I’ve seen someone send out some instructions of Pentel. Do you suggest me use my own post or use a public one?

3, I don’t know if you are interested, but for me, it mainly provides detailed part drawings or product profiles, as well as an introduction to the function and principle of the product (in a very tongue-twisting patent writing style) generally in Japanese, but often in English. The patent corresponding to the common special function/structure of the automatic pencil has been found, if you are interested, let me know where should be published


4, Well, this is the most confusing place. For example, a picture comparing old and new versions of pn105, showing their differences in the tip, do we need to share such data centrally? They’re helpful, but there’re a lot, they’re messy, the picture quality maybe good or bad. What do you think? Or, in other words, for those are not catalogs but also valuable materials, which section should I put them?

5, Such information is mostly just for entertainment and satisfaction, and occasionally can provide useful information.But they are not as easy to categorize as catalogs.

6, I have some material like this. Briefly, the focus of the book is mainly on the story of the company and the founder rather than the product, and there are a few pictures of the pen. In addition, these books are difficult for non-native speakers to read, and I will not discuss that here today, maybe later

7, This is not the focus today, I will discuss it later


Knockologist is the one you want to chat with. He can answer your questions.


Great questions @Linus2K !

I would recommend setting up a Dropbox or a similar platform to organize all the content and findings you’ve mentioned, similar to how @nimrodd approached it. Once you have everything in place, especially if it’s fresh or previously unseen material, I believe you’ll find that discussions on the forum will spontaneously evolve around your content.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to create new posts here to spotlight certain pieces of information. For instance, your insights about the differences between the old and new pn105 would be perfect for a post in the ‘Discussions by Brand’ category. If you ever feel like placing such content in ‘General Discussion’ or elsewhere, that’s perfectly fine too. Remember, we can always move posts around and add relevant tags to streamline the organization later on.

As these conversations develop, we can collaboratively decide on the right categories and subcategories to fit the new information.

For the time being, I’d suggest taking a cue from Nimrodd’s approach: compile and organize your data, and we’ll navigate the next steps together. Thrilled to have you here and eagerly anticipating the depth of knowledge and passion you’re bringing to our community.